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WordPress Will Require Users to Have HTTPS This Year

WordPress founder, Matt Mullenweg, recently announced that the software will require all hosts to have HTTPS for certain WordPress features to function. Don’t panic just yet. If you already have HTTPS, this shouldn’t affect you. But if you’re still using HTTP, you’ll need to upgrade soon. The good news is that the transition is not […]


Hosting Technical Specifications

Hosting Technical Specifications IMC WebHost’s Hosting Technical Specifications Hosting Features Easy to Use Control Panel cPanel 99.9% Uptime Guarantee No Contract with a 30 Day Money Back Gurantee Safe Harbor Certified cPanel Control Panel The Latest cPanel Control Panel, (cPanel Demo) WebSite Statistics: AWStats, Webalizer, Raw Log Manager, Referrer and Error Logs, Shopping Carts, Blogs, […]


Safe Harbor Certification

Safe Harbor Certification Yes! our Data Center is safe harbor certified. What is Safe Harbor? The European Commission’s Directive on Data Protection went into effect in October of 1998, and would prohibit the transfer of personal data to non-European Union nations that do not meet the European “adequacy” standard for privacy protection. While the United […]


Web Hosting Bandwidth and Data Transfer

Web Hosting Bandwidth and Data Transfer Bandwidth or Data Transfer Very often web hosts talk about bandwidth and data transfer as part of the description of a hosting package. Bandwidth and Data Transfer are different. Bandwidth is the amount of data that can be transferred at one time. Data transfer is the actual amount of […]


How to Reduce Website Bandwidth Requirements

How to Reduce Website Bandwidth Requirements How to Reduce Data Transfer Your web host has sent you an exceeded bandwidth usage warning. What do you do? What is “bandwidth usage”? This refers to the total amount of information that has been transferred from the web server to your visitors. Each file on your website has […]