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Internet safety for kids: a parent’s guide

Have you had an internet safety talk with your kid yet? If not, I suggest to have it right away. As children today start using the internet at a very young age, it’s up to you as a parent to help them make the right choices once they get online. Kids are fast learners, especially […]


Security Alert: KRACK attack puts Wi-Fi connections at risk

A serious new vulnerability called KRACK (Key Reinstallation Attacks) was announced recently, likely impacting anyone who uses WI-Fi connection points and devices could be vulnerable – Your local coffee shop, home, or workplace connection. Krack can allow attackers to access to important information like credit card numbers, passwords, and emails transmitted over Wi-Fi networks. This […]


How Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming Cybersecurity in Current Times

Do you remember the movie Wall-E where robots took over human tasks, and all man did was relax? Or Bicentennial Man where a robot begins to experience human emotions desiring to transform into a human. Yes, these are not just movies of fantasy anymore but a very real reality. Artificial intelligence today is slowly seeping […]


Another Ransomware Attack Petya makes Headlines

What is Petya? The latest ransomware cyber attack ‘Petya/Petrwrap/ExPetr’ or ‘GoldenEye’ has quickly targeted computer systems all over the globe crippling large firms across Europe, Israel, Russia and the US, reportedly starting from Ukraine. It makes use of Eternal Blue exploit as a means to multiply itself wrecking the system and leaving it inaccessible until […]