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Website Maintenance Services

Every website no matter if it is a blog, forum, e-commerce site, corporate identity, or a CMS site they all require maintenance. Whether it’s updating content or requiring software upgrades / patches to their modules to stay current. IMC WebHost expertise can provide you services on an on-going or on an as needed basis.

Our team has the expertise to work with dynamic CMS sites like WordPress, JOOMLA, & Drupal and can get you started so you can add, edit or delete your content without any required knowledge of coding or website design at all. This makes it so you can take over or add content anytime you desire.

WordPress, Joomla, Drupal

With access to thousands of WordPress Themes and CMS Templates, we can help you get your website up and running in a matter or hours rather than days.

We can make certain your website is cross compliant with all browser types and mobile devices;

Explorer, Opera, Google Chrome Safari & Firefox Browsers


Our Maintenance Services includes the items listed below;

» Server Up-time Monitoring 24/7 – You want to make certain your site is operating all the time. If it’s not you will be loosing exposure. Website monitoring plans from $4.99 month to help you ensure visibility to your audience.

» Content Management & Updates – You have current website that you wish to keep but the content needs updating, you don’t have time to keep the content of your website current, or you forgot how to update the content of your CMS site, IMC WebHost can help you with any of these issues.

» Framework and Software Updates – CMS websites like WordPress, Joomla, & Drupal require updates to their software and modules, often to keep them secure from Hacking. Other times they provide added capabilities. Each needs to keep current.

» Blacklist Checking – It is possible that your website or your email can get blacklisted, causing your site to be blocked or your emails to be blocked. We monitor for this type of activity and work to keep this from happening.

» Domain Name Registration Currency Check – Your Domain name (URL) needs to be registered, and requires an annual fee to do so. If that fee is not paid within time you can loose your domain name (URL) and be sold to someone else possibly your competitor. We monitor for Domain expiration’s to help ensure when someone goes to your domain name they are also going to your website and not your competitors

» SSL Certificate Expiration Monitoring – Your SSL Certificate requires renewals to keep your site secure. If it expires you are exposing your client information and your website to Certificate Errors when it loads so you potential clients will see an invalid / expired certificate message instead of displaying your website. 

» Monthly Reporting of Visitors – We provide monthly reports from Google Analytics, AW Stats and Webalizer stats that show you how many visitors went to your site, which pages they visited, what type of computer they used, what country they are from, their IP address, trends and much more that can help you adjust your marketing efforts to maximize impact.

Contact Us and we will provide you a quote for any or all of these services for you!